Players can open the mystery NFT box and trade with others in the marketplace. They could challenge the different levels in the game just like the same scenario in the TV show. The winner takes all.

How to Start

You need a wallet which supports the BSC smart chain and some BNB for gas fee. Of course a certain number of PS tokens is also required.
PixelSQUID is available in different wallets.
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Trust Wallet
You could purchase PS tokens from Pancake and ApeSwap.
🥞 PancakeSwap - A next evolution DeFi exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
ApeSwap - A next evolution DeFi exchange on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Dual-Token Economic System

PixelSQUID has a dual-token economic system with PS and PSG tokens.

PS token

Token address:0x5a549cb605f1e651200c22d1a8482929b36330f7

PixelSQUID's governance token, PS token holders can participate in community governance and voting rights for major game decisions. At the same time, holding PS tokens can also get regular airdrops of PSG. Some key operations of the game need to consume PS tokens, such as recruiting Challenger and challenging Team mode SQUID GAME. PS token acquisition method: buy from Dex such as Pancake, Apeswap, challenge SQUID GAME in the game, and participate in other Defi products of PixelSQUID. Most of the PS paid by the user in the game will be used to set event rewards and returned to the user.

PSG token

Token address:0xb64e45d6c6503becde266aad09eecc9cb446d7db
This is the currency in the game. PSG is required for most of the scenarios in the game. For example, players need to consume PSG to upgrade their attributes, to challenge SQUID and to prepare supplements. PSG is required to pay for them. You can also use PSG to hire challengers from other players to form a team together. PSG can be obtained through training and mining in daily training after recruiting challengers. PSG can also be traded through the DEX platforms.

Identity group

We have set up a total of three types of roles for users to play in the game.
Each type has a completely different profit model.


Players can perform different trainings every day to obtain PSG Token. According to the game settings, there are three types of Players: strength, intelligence, and agility.


Observer can watch the game while the game is in progress, and make bets before the game starts. Observers choose the potential players and get profit when the chosen players win.
The Observer has no difference in attribute value, only the upper limit of the number of times to participate in the spectator game.


Admin can create game rooms which could allow up to 5 players to play in. There is also no attribute for admins. And admins have limited times to create rooms per day.

Challenger Attributes


represents the strength of the character's muscles. When facing the levels that require strength, the strength itself will determine the speed of your work. The players with high strength can always finish this kind of game level quickly and win easily.


Agility represents the eye-brain-hand coordination, physical flexibility, reaction and balance abilities. This is the most important attribute for a lightweight player. Agility determines the character's evasion and reaction ability. When you face a game scenario which requires fast reaction ability, this attribute will determine your time to finish the task and the speed of entering the next level.


Running and pushing will consume your stamina and energy, and the higher the intelligence, the higher the recovery speed of both.


Stamina is quite important to strength and agility challengers. When the stamina is low, the challengers could not be able to finish the game task easily and get to the next level.


Energy will affect the player's game progress. The higher energy challengers have , the less time they spend to complete the game level. The lower energy they have, the less missions could be completed.

Daily Mining & Professional Training

Besides the desperate level challenges, the challengers also have their daily life and training. When not being in the game, the characters can participate in various trainings to get PSG tokens. Players just click the mouse to let the characters start to train to continuously obtain PSG profit without additional operations. Different training types may have different requirements for attributes and levels. The higher the requirements are, the more PSG rewards can be obtained in the same period of time.

Daily training types

By participating in the daily training, the challengers can earn PSG continuously. Different training modes have different requirement for challenger’s type and attribute. You can have more PSG using challengers with high attribute. And you can claim the PSG from daily training at any time. During the daily training period, the challenger will be locked and could not participate in game levels until you choose to end the daily training. Please be aware that the challenger in the training also needs your supervision. If you do not claim training income for a long time, the challenger will be tired of training and work income will gradually decrease.

Part-time job

People can only do part-time jobs to prepare for the game.
The most basic training type without any occupation and attribute requirements.
Salary per block: 0.01 PSG


Type: Strength
Level: 2
Attributes: 86 Strength and 61 Stamina
Salary per block: 0.01 + (Player's Strength attribute -85) * 0.005 PSG coins

Extreme sport

Type: Agility
Level: 2
Attributes: 86 Agility and 61 Stamina
Salary per block: 0.01 + (Player's Agility attribute -85) * 0.005 PSG coins


Type: Intelligence
Level: 2
Attributes: 86 Intelligence and 61 energy
Salary per block: 0.01 + (Player's Intelligence attribute -85) * 0.005 PSG coins


SQUID GAME is the most passionate and exciting part of the project. Overcome difficulties, race in time, and win the championship. PSG, PS, supplies, top quality equipment, everything.
SQUID GAME includes two types: single mode and team mode.

Single mode


Challengers can consume PSG to play games every day. All PSGs used in the game will form a bonus pool, and only the winner can get the final reward.


Observer can place bets before the start of the game. The token used for betting is PSG. When Observer wins, you can get a reward with a specified rate.


Admins can use PSG to create game levels every day. After time-consuming PSG will also enter the total pool of the game. After the competition, organize the PSG of the designated range.
Ruler can create levels on a daily basis. When creating, a specified number of PSGs need to be consumed. The consumed PSG will also enter the total bonus pool of the level. When the level is over, Ruler can obtain a specified proportion of PSG.

Reward pool

  • The PSG from all the challengers and admins will go into the pool.

Pool allocation

10% into weekly and quarterly pools
10% burn
30% for Admins
30% 1st challenger winner
15% 2nd challenger winner
5% 3rd challenger winner
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