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🦑Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold your tokens for the long term?

  • We are not meme tokens, so investors should not only focus on short-term gains. Our projects are long-term And it’s huge, we will integrate many projects to create our metaverses.

🦑Do you have a plan to Burn Token or not?

  • The main purpose of PS tokens is to recruit NFTs or to recast and reconfigure their attributes. PSG tokens are the main currency in the game. Players can use them to play games, or upgrade their NFT characters to make them stronger in the game, and they can only be used to sell or buy NFTs in the market with PSG.
  • A certain amount of PSG tokens will be burned during the settlement of each game to avoid their inflation. PS tokens are also burned when the player purchases the NFT.

🦑What kind of backgrounds do you guys have prior to Pixel SQUID?

  • The team size is 5-10 people, the main core team is from Taiwan, the rest are from Singapore and the United States.
  • Game engineers with decades of programming experience, familiar with Unreal Engine and Unity.

🦑Do you already have some partnerships lined up?

  • Yes, we already have some partners, our main tokens were launched on Astronaut, and we are working closely with Wizard and Closedsea, and we will be releasing a series of equitments for our partners, such as Wizard hats and clothing with the Closedsea logo.

🦑What’s outstanding about PixelSQUID to attract players?

  • We have three NFTs represent three completely different income methods.
  • If you are a Gamer, you can buy a "Challenger" to staking to earn PSG tokens and then participate in the game to earn big prizes.
  • If you are a busy investor, you can Buy "Admin", they can create game rooms to obtain stable passive income.
  • If you are a person who likes to watch other people play games, you can buy "Observers" and then watch every game, And you can place bets on players who are playing games to earn your income.

🦑Is PixelSQUID just for gamers? Can people who don't like to play games profit from PixelSQUID?

  • We understand that in the blockchain world, not many people like to play games or have gaming experience. When they don’t win the game, I believe they will feel discouraged. So we set up three NFT revenue models so that players can Rely on passive income or betting to make money.

🦑What is the initial cost to join the game?

  • The initial estimated cost to be able to join the game is about $40 worth PS token.

​🦑What is the starting price on PancakeSwap?

  • The starting price when listing on PancakeSwap will be 1 PR = 0.0025 $.

​🦑Information IDO and Listing & Game Release

  • 15:00 UTC (23:00 GMT+8) November 28 IDO on ASTRONAUT.
  • 15:00 UTC (23:00 GMT+8) November 29 Listing on PancakeSwap.
  • January 31, 2022 Alpha game release.

​🦑How many types of Tokens does the game have?

  • The game will have 2 tokens, PS,PSG.

​🦑PixelSQUID will be released on which platform?

  • PC, login using E-mail (using Network BSC).
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