The only category in the game that can get PSG from training.
Challenger is the most basic NFT of the game, players can use them to challenge the game, and use them for mining.
3 types of challengers, each with a max staking amount of 5. Part-time with a max staking amount of 20. This means that the max amount of staking per wallet is 35.


Part-time job

People can only do part-time jobs to prepare for the game.
The most basic training type without any occupation and attribute requirements.
Salary per block: 0.01 PSG


Type: Strength
Level: 2
Attributes: 86 Strength and 61 Stamina
Salary per block: 0.01 + (Player's Strength attribute -85) * 0.005 PSG coins

Extreme sport

Type: Agility
Level: 2
Attributes: 86 Agility and 61 Stamina
Salary per block: 0.01 + (Player's Agility attribute -85) * 0.005 PSG coins


Type: Intelligence
Level: 2
Attributes: 86 Intelligence and 61 energy
Salary per block: 0.01 + (Player's Intelligence attribute -85) * 0.005 PSG coins
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